The cabinet has the ambition to make as much  as possiblegovernment data available as open data. In addition, the government gives priority to high value data sets. These data sets are high value for society, such as the Basic Register of Addresses Buildings and the cadastral map. When making data available, priority is given to the disclosure of these data sets. In 2016,, in collaboration with municipalities, the Digital Cities Agenda and VNG / KING, drew up a Municipal High Value List. This list is a starting point for municipalities to start opening data sets.
The provinces also came to a Provincial High Value list in 2019.

Whether a data set is “high value” is determined by the extent to which the data contributes to:

  • Transparency
  • Legal duty
  • Cost reduction
  • Target audience
  • Potential for reuse

For instance

The G8 Open Data Charter has designated the following fourteen data categories as “high value”. This list gives an indication of potential high value datasets and helps data owners to focus on unlocking the most relevant and valuable datasets.

Companies    Company/business register
Crime and Justice Crime statistics, safety
Earth observation Meteorological/weather, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting
Education List of schools; performance of schools, digital skills
Energy and Environment Pollution levels, energy consumption
Finance and contracts Transaction spend, contracts let, call for tender, future tenders, local budget, national budget (planned and spent)
Geospatial Topography, postcodes, national maps, local maps
Global Development Aid, food security, extractives, land
Government Accountability and Democracy Government contact points, election results, legislation and statutes, salaries (pay scales), hospitality/gifts
Health Prescription data, performance data
Science and Research Genome data, research and educational activity, experiment results
Statistics National Statistics, Census, infrastructure, wealth, skills
Social mobility and welfare Housing, health insurance and unemployment benefits
Transport and Infrastructure Public transport timetables, access points broadband penetration


High Value?

High value datasets are highlighted on Data sets that meet the following criteria are marked as “high value” on our portal:

  • The data is regarded as high value by a department in the data inventory and is made accessible with high priority
  • The data appears in the municipal high value list.

The following lists are an inspiration for compiling the national high value lists:

Data visualisations with open data.

View a compilation of all data visualisations based on open data that were shown on the VPRO in the recent broadcasts of the Netherlands from Above program.