Success story: Holland Jersey

Holland Jersey produces the fullest milk in the Netherlands. That milk is not only very tasty, but also has a special quality that Holland Jersey wanted to bring to the attention with a special marketing campaign.

Wat makes Jersey Melk special?

Thina van Middeldorp, office manager: “Jersey milk is popular because it contains 20% more protein but also more fat,, vitamins and minerals than regular milk. Because of these special properties, our Jersey milk is often better tolerated for people with a cow’s milk allergy. That is an important USP that we want to convey well and purposefully. This is why we have purchased a leads list of all dieticians in the Netherlands at Matrixian Group.

We then approached the dietitians one-on-one via direct mail. In this letter, the dietitians received an offer to allow their clients with a cow’s milk allergy to try the full milk of Holland Jersey for free. “

The effect of working with a proper leads list

“Working with a correct and complete leads list meant that we could work very effectively with our campaign. By using the leads list for our campaign we have reached our target group in an efficient way. This has led to a good result with a high conversion. “

Having good leads lists is worth gold for direct marketing campaigns. It enables the marketer to deliver the message efficiently to the right person. The data with which the leads lists are compiled come from various public sources, for example the Chamber of Commerce and other government agencies. Having good data is of course important, but the trick is to cleverly link these data and combine them into valuable leads lists.

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