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smart logistics

Logistics service providers deal with challenging situations every day: road closures, delivery addresses with narrow stairwells, and poorly indicated unloading areas. Thanks to open data, we can make the lives of driving and delivering Netherlands a lot more pleasant.

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Matrixian works together closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Together, we are working on a data platform that brings together different data sets: from scheduled and current road closures to environmental zones and clearance heights of viaducts. This gives a pilot group of logistics service providers a useful tool to plan their routes in a smart way and adjust where necessary. 

Public data can also be useful to package deliverers. Especially if you combine it with real estate data. Road closed, traffic jams, and finding out that your customer lives on the second floor in the back, without an elevator? Good luck with that washer-dryer in the back of your van.

smart logistics

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Thijs Herwig

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