Customer Data Quality Check

RecoverĀ  your customercontact with the Personal Data Quality Check

In the course of the years you lose sight of some customers. For example, with a long-term product, such as a life insurance policy. To restore contact with this kind of dormant accounts, you need reliable personal data. By reversing each stone in different databases, Matrixian Group finds out what you need: from birth date and address to address change or date of death.

Legally required, ethically correct

Due to incomplete or incorrect customer files, countless e-mails, letters and phone calls are still going wrong. Disruptive to the consumer, impractical for your business. The Special Management department has its hands full. With financial products, there is even money that ‘someone’ is entitled to. Who that is? We help you to find out. Exactly as the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) prescribes, and what is ethically correct.

    This is how the Personal Data Quality Check works

    Our data specialists compare different data sources, and through our data validation process we can guarantee a high degree of reliability. You will receive a current address file that meets all legal requirements and is in line with the wishes of your customers, such as the request to not be called commercially.


    • Your customer base up-to-date within 24 hours
    • Customized data enrichment
    • Compliant with all privacy rules


    Our privacy officer ensures that the data processing takes place within the framework of the privacy legislation. Think of the AVG (GDPR) or the obligation to report data leaks.

    What we can improve

    Data Scientist


    Data Scientist


    Data Scientist

    E-mail address

    Data Scientist

    Birth date

    Data Scientist

    Deceased indication

    Data Scientist

    Phone number

    Data quality

    Data quality is what our team of data engineers, scientists and stewards is concerned with every day. We use smart algorithms to link different types of logistics, traffic and vehicle information together. With in-depth knowledge of the local environment and a high level of service, we help to provide reliable information services.

    Customer Data Quality Report

    Reliable insights into your data quality

    In Matrixian Customer Data Quality Report we show the quality of your customer base. We indicate what our validators can correct and which missing data we can enrich.

    Insight into the data quality of

    • Addresses
    • EmailsĀ 
    • Phone numbers (landline & mobile)
    • Genders
    • Flag duplicates
    • Correct the data structure