Customer Data Quality Check

Perfect data quality

Matrixian’s Customer Data Quality Check is a complete package that guarantees perfect data quality of your customer base. The package consists of the Person Checker, Address Checker, Phone Checker and Email Checker. They validate, clean and supplement all personal data, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Optionally, we can use specific data to indicate whether your customer base contains deceased persons, whether relocations have taken place and whether it contains organizations that are bankrupt.


  • An accurate customer base
  • Always reach the right (potential) customers
  • Reconnect with dormant accounts
  • Increase your reach and thus the conversion
  • Prevents costs for returns
  • Prevents image damage


Person Checker
Address Checker
Phone Checker
E-mail Checker

Keep your customer base up to date !

An accurate customer base is crucial, as you cannot (properly) reach (potential) customers when your data is outdated, incomplete or incorrect. Matrixian’s Data Quality Products clean up your customer base, validate the data and enrich your file with missing information. This way you are assured of reliable data, you have no unnecessary costs and your actions always reach the right people

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