International Address Checker

Why the International Address Checker?

It often happens that customers enter their addresses incorrectly or incompletely when purchasing a product or subscribing to a service online. This is annoying as it causes unnecessary costs because your mail or package does not arrive (properly). That is why we have developed the International Address Checker, a smart tool that guarantees the correctness of addresses from 197 countries in your customer database. This way you can send mail and parcels with peace of mind and you avoid unnecessary costs.

Correct addresses in your customer base

The International Address Checker helps your customer to enter his/her address correctly. A link with our data immediately checks whether an address exists and whether it has been written faultless. If this is not the case we will immediately offer the correct alternative. In addition, we also offer batch cleaning which means that we clean up your entire address file.


  • Ensures qualitative data input

  • Correct addresses in your data file

  • Improves the customer experience

  • Increases reach and thus the conversion

  • Prevents costs for returns

  • Fast response time

  • Completely international

Address coverage

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