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Targeted marketing with geo profiles

The better you know where your target group lives, the more focused you can set up B2C campaigns. Consumatrix Profiles makes it possible. On the basis of our geo-profiles we show you who lives in which neighborhoods and how they live. Are you looking for prosperous empty-nest families in a specific region, for example? Up to the level of the last post code letter we know how to find them for you.

This is how Consumatrix Profiles works

Social, geographical and architectural characteristics of a neighborhood say a lot about the type of resident. You just have to have an eye for it; whether data is available. Matrixian has it both. Based on various data – such as family sizes and house values – we have defined fourteen customer categories: the Consumatrix Profiles.

These profiles are not only intended to locate your target group, they also give you more information about your existing customers. Think of purchase or travel preferences. Useful, because with that you can make your offer more relevant. Whether you want to segment further, aim more specifically, or adjust your tone of voice: our profiles give you a 360 ° view of your customer group.

The advantages

  • Possibility for targeted and personal marketing
  • Objectieve customer segmentation
  • New insights into your target group

The Consumatrix Profiles

Urban and student

50.576 homes

Students, up to 30 years. Living in rooms, in apartments or small townhouses in the larger cities. Limited disposable income. Trend-sensitive, focused on outdoor activities. Relatively high catering and culture spending.

Traditional starter

45.670 homes

Age 20 to 29 years with medium to high education. The traditional starter lives in a rural or new construction environment, in a (usually purchased) house or apartment. Spend a lot of time with friends and are trend sensitive. The traditional starter usually has no children and is strongly focused on personal development, travel and going out.

Urban professional

131.558 homes

Age 20 to 39 years with a high education. Lives in a (usually purchased) apartment or town house in an urban environment. Interested in culture and trends. Often households without children. Strongly focused on personal development. Entrepreneurs and managers, two-income households.

Young ambitious family

256.542 homes

Starting families with an above average education. Living often in a semi-detached house or spacious terraced house. Positive future forecast. Active in sports, also ambitious with regard to children, such as around the school.

Young traditional family

373.266 homes

Starting family with a secondary level of education. Often two-income households (25-39) with young children in an intermediate house of average value. Spendable income is average or slightly below average. Children are important in social life and in buying behavior. The mobility of a young traditional family is above average.

Wealthy urban family

490.662 homes

Prosperous, career-making families in an urban environment with a higher level of education. Age between 35 and 50 years, usually 2 to 3 children. High level of education, usually manager or entrepreneur. Above average disposable income. Fairly trend sensitive. Children and personal development are important in spending behavior.

Wealthy rural family

1.152.919 homes

Parents between 35 and 50 years with children in a rural environment. High level of education, living in an owner-occupied home with above-average mortgage payments. Often 2 to 3 children. High mobility and a busy social life. Rush hour families.

Moderate family

570.612 homes

Families with children, secondary or lower level of education. Living in a modest rental or owner-occupied home in villages or urban neighborhoods with sometimes a multicultural character. Age between 35 and 50 years. Focused on their own living environment, traditionally established and income lower than average.

Cultural diversed family

1.083.828 homes

Families with children, parents aged between 25 and 55 in urban areas. Secondary or lower level of education, living in a modest rental or owner-occupied home in multicultural neighborhoods. Focused on their own living environment, traditionally established and income lower than average.

Average empty nest family

587.386 homes

Age between 55 and 65 years, both couples and singles. Children are often out of the house. Calm existence, limited income but also often limited expenses. Established social life.

Wealthy empty nest family

669.222 homes

Age category 55 to 65 years, both couples and singles with a higher disposable income. Children are often out of the house or still studying. Often in possession of a owner-occupied home. Many outdoor activities, both in the social field and in the field of hobby and holidays.

Simply retired

810.152 homes

Age from 65 years, both couples and singles with a limited income. Focused on their own environment and the spending pattern is economical and traditional.

Wealthy retired

861.145 homes

Age from 65 years, both couples and singles with a higher income. Quiet prosperous existence, with social contacts and activities with friends and / or (grand) children.

Active retirement

66.038 homes

Age 65 to 75 years, both couples and singles with a higher income. Many outdoor activities and regular holidays or trips with possibly (small) children.

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