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Determining home values thanks to data

How do you determine the value of your real estate portfolio? Based on appraisals? They often disaggregate. Do you have the last asking price for each house? Unfortunately, they are not always realistic. Matrixian prefers to use factual data, such as indexed single premiums from similar properties. With our property valuation model Avix we have automated house valuations. That way you get the hard numbers and not the gut feeling.

Public dates of reference homes

Our mathematical model is based on public data of comparable properties. We calculate a weighted average of the selling price of houses with similar characteristics. Think of year of construction, plot area and house type. Are these reference homes nearby, or have they just been sold? Then they put more weight in the scale.

The advantages

  1. High reliabilty and compliant with the NRVT
  2. Based on indexed values of reference homes
  3. Indpendent valuation
  4. Avix is a product in collaboration with industry association VBO Makelaar
  5. Suitable to individual homes, residential portfolios, mortgage portfolios and for premium calculation.

Want to know the property value quickly?

Avix delivers online property value report to consumers and companies, click on the button to request a property value report immediately.

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