Due to increasing (inter)national regulations, real estate professionals spend more and more time on investigations. Consequences are, for example, that valuation reports have to meet an incredible number of obligations and lots of information is needed for the successful purchase and sale of houses. In short, these are time consuming processes. Our passionate developers have therefore developed a number of APIs that enable you to receive all the necessary information in a fraction of a second. From proofs of ownerships, mortgage statements and WOZ values ​​to cadastral maps, BAG statements, neighborhood information and more! This does not only make a valuation process incredibly efficient, you also meet all requirements and you can easily get a grip on trends and developments within the housing market.

Save time and gain insights

More and more rules have emerged regarding the valuation process. As an appraiser, you therefore benefit from having all the mandatory information available quickly. This way you can save time and give your services a quality boost. In addition, our APIs are also relevant for platform developers and investors. By enriching systems with the housing information, you will gain new insights and you get a grip on trends and developments within the housing market. In this way you can, for example, easily determine investments returns.

The latest APIs at a glance

  • Eigendomsbewijs API (Proof of Ownership API): after entering an address you will receive all necessary ownership information in a report.
  • Kadastrale Kaart API (Cadastral Map API): provides you with a cadastral map. The information is always up to date and legally valid as an appendix.
  • Hypothecair Uittreksel API (Mortgage Extract API): provides insight into mortgages, creditors and seizure.
  • WOZ Waarde API (WOZ Value Extract API): provides you with all WOZ values ​​from the year 2015.
  • BAG Uittreksel API (BAG Data API): provides you with information from the BAG. This concerns the number designation and matters such as the status of the property, purpose of use, surface area and year of construction.
  • Woonlasten API (Housing Costs API): indicates the financial housing costs that apply per municipality in the Netherlands. Very useful for calculating the property tax, for example.
  • Buurtinformatie API (Neighbourhood Information API): provides you with detailed information per neighborhood, such as the number of households, the age ratio, the ratio of men and women, family composition, average energy consumption, distance to amenities, etc.


    Matrixian platform

    Via the Matrixian platform you can access our APIs with your own login. It is a centralized place where you can easily use our data solutions by means of a user interface. Do you have a specific question or problem that requires a tailor-made solution? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. You can send an email to info@matrixiangroup.com or call 0031 20 244 0145.