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Who is going to make your organisation data driven?

More and more organisations are becoming ‘data driven’. So it makes sense that data scientists are scarce. In fact, they are being fought over. Perhaps you are also trying to recruit them, presumably with very variable success. Matrixian Group offers Data Science Trainees. Analytical and social top talents that we have personally prepared for the workplace, where they convert your data into valuable insights.

Theory and practice

Higher education still provides too few data experts in relation to the urgency in the business world. Moreover, students mainly leave the lecture rooms with theoretical – often related – knowledge, such as mathematics. So: they have the brains, but not the experience. We close this expertise gap ourselves by training talented data scientists. Tailor-made and practice-oriented, so that they quickly learn the trade and are immediately valuable to your organisation.

Matrixian Group has over ten years of experience in the analysis and processing of (big) data. Of course, we use that knowledge advantage when training high potentials. By sharing with them what we have learned over the years, we create a balanced combination of theory and practice that forms the basis of the learning process from day one.

Data Scientist

Welcome guests

Our trainees carry out assignments and projects for you and with you four days a week. We train them for one day, so that they stay up-to-date in the field of Data Science. The latest developments in our field come up, but we also pay attention to soft skills. We want our trainees to have an impact within your organisation on two fronts: technically and personally. So you can count on an open personality who thinks proactively rather than an introverted number cruncher.

Data Scientist

Mining your gold

Your current data probably contains a wealth of hidden opportunities. Our trainees help you based on the latest trends, insights and technology to exploit this important potential. We are convinced that through effective use of data, you are ready for the digital future!

Data Scientist

Why Matrixian Group?

Ready for the real work

Matrixian Group has enormous amounts of data from multiple sectors, undoubtedly also from yours. As a result, our Data Science Trainees are better prepared for the use of concrete, relevant information. This immediately gives them practical value for your organisation.

Service & product

Matrixian Group offers you both the professional and the data. Perhaps you only temporarily need extra help, or have a need for concrete, tangible support. Ready-to-use data or effective process information, for instance. Whatever your question, plan or ambition is: we look for and find an optimal match between your needs, the skills of our trainees and what they need to bring in terms of already available data to help your business move forward.


Via Matrixian Group, you have access to highly skilled trainees with business sense: the ability to see opportunities and estimate their feasibility. In short: top talent that likes nothing better than taking on realistic challenges. All of our trainees are trained in an agile environment, are aware of the latest trends and have a high problem solving capacity.

This is how the process works

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Data Scientist


Data Scientist


Data Scientist

Start trainee: 4 days/week

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Permanent feedback

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Final evalutation

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Marjolein Versteegh

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