Matrixian Hackathons: a refreshing dive into your data


Every organization has potential for improvement. Things can always be smarter or more effective. Our experience is that many answers are hidden in data. But how do you find them? A Hackathon can quickly deliver useful insights. Release a team of different specialists on a dataset, and guarantee that they will surprise you with a lot of improvement ideas.

This is how a Hackathon works

For a Hackathon, we put a team together with people from your organization and from ours. Depending on your demand, we ensure a good spread of disciplines: data science, strategy, sales, HR, marketing. Just what you need.

In an inspiring location we will start with your question. We take a dive in your data and open doors to the data world outside your organization: our databases and public sources. Naturally, we maintain a high privacy standard and only provide up-to-date and reliable data.

Usually a Hackathon lasts two days. Contact us for customized solutions.

The Benefits

  • Low-threshold orgaizational change
  • Fast and accessible process
  • Easy introduction to data science
  • Innovation accelerator for your organization
Marjolein Versteegh

Marjolein Versteegh

Operations Manager


E: marjolein@matrixiangroup.com
T: +31 (0) 20 244 0145

Are you interested in the possibilities?

We would like to investigate the possibilities with you. Feel free to contact Marjolein for more information.