Data sets

Data is the new gold

By connecting data from different data sets, such as characteristics about persons, households, companies and objects, to coordinates, we help organizations and institutions in both the commercial and public sectors to recognize new opportunities and make data-driven decisions. We integrate our own data sets with business systems, public sources and other data.

Our data sets

Location data

It all starts with the right location!

For every organization it is important to have the correct address details of customers. We have a location database in which every address in the globe can be found. From more than 1.8 billion addresses and households we provide detailed information about the geo coordinates, the surrounded area and region.

POI data

The power of data visualization

It is extremely valuable to visualize data. With our large amount of Points Of Interests (POIs), such as petrol stations, restaurants, shops and supermarkets, we can easily map locations. This doest not only give insight into business opportunities, but also tells a story, shows trends and highlights patterns.

Real estate data

Make more informed investment decisions

We possess a large amount of real estate data such as constructional information, location data, energy labels and house values. We have property data of more than 7.8 million houses in the Netherlands and for each of them we have more than 300 characteristics that say something about the structural condition of the house, sustainability, use, location and (market) value.

All-in-one permit data

Make more informed investment decisions

We have more than 2.8 million all-in-one permits at address level. This provides you with insight into the number of requested, granted and/or refused building and demolition permits which have been issued to companies and private individuals. Our information is always up to date. The permits are updated daily and recorded historically. The permits vary from felling trees to placing dormer windows and demolishing buildings. All types of announcements from Municipalities and Provinces are available. This data can be used, among other things, for market research, real estate valuation issues and risk calculations.

Consumer data

Understand your customers’ needs

Our socio- demographic data comes from online and offline sources. Most of it is collected from networking sites and (local) governments. We aggregate and normalize anonymous identity characteristics and locate unique consumer characteristics, such as demographic and lifestyle characteristics. Our consumer data covers every household in Europe.

Company data

Targeting the right companies?

We provide detailed information of organizations, foundations, government agencies and associations (over 3 million in the Netherlands). We have over 90 features, including 20 unique ones. For example, you can select a company by industry, number of employees, region, decision maker, company size and revenue class.

Mobility and logistics data

Optimizing mobility for people and goods

With our large amount of mobility and logistics data, we help organizations and institutions in the logistics and public sector with themes such as sustainability and safety. We do this by releasing mobility and environmental data, making processes more efficient and making optimum use of the available road capacity.

Emergency services data

Insight into the safety of neighborhoods

We keep track of all 112 reports in the Netherlands since 2010. A database has now been created with several hundred thousand registrations. This data is continuously updated in real time. For example, per postal code it is clear to see when the police, ambulance and fire departments had to turn out. This enormous history of 112 reports makes it possible to perform accurate analyses. Which makes research and prevention of domestic burglaries and and/or shoplifting possible.

A world built on data & technology


196 Countries mapped

+ 500

More than 500 million properties, companies and households in our databases


24 terabytes of data collected yearly


Over 10 years of experience

Trusted data

We guarantee the reliability of our data. Thanks to validated data governance processes in which we use data from the government, solid data partners and external public sources. We periodically perform internal and external audits on our databases and models, ensuring the highest quality and completeness. Matrixian Group produces the highest conceivable privacy and data security standards and works ISO 27.001 compliant, AVG-proof and provided with the Gold Privacy Guarantee Label.Don’t become a casualty of “garbage in, garbage out” mentality. Count on our data integrity when making key business decisions.