Data Science Traineeship


Kickstart your data science career

Data Science Traineeship

Data Science: the reason we get out of bed every morning. We are happy to share the knowledge we have gained in the past ten years with you. How? How about a one-year traineeship! A challenging and balanced programme, focused on the practice in different sectors.

Well trained on the road to tomorrow

During the intensive training period at our office, we prepare you for the real work at one of our leading clients. From that moment on, you are an official Matrixian Data Science Trainee. You work on location four days a week, and on day five, you keep your knowledge up-to-date at our office by following additional training. Our ultimate goal: to turn you into a full-fledged Data Scientist within a year; a technical and personal asset to any company. An entire career long!

Data Science Traineeship

It’s all in the mix

As a trainee, you work together with professionals. People who teach you a lot, but who also want to learn from you. So you certainly won’t be sitting in a corner with your laptop for twelve months. In addition to statistical skills, programming and database knowledge, we strongly focus on your personal learning process. Matrixian Group believes in a mix of hard and soft skills: performing in terms of content, excelling in terms of personality. That is why you get your own Talent Development Manager who helps you properly combine your professional knowledge with all the skills the data world requires of you.

Data Science Traineeship

Are you suitable?

Wondering if you qualify? Check your profile.

You have no more than one year of work experience and want to further develop yourself into a full-fledged data scientist. Your Dutch and English are perfect. Do you have questions or do you have doubts about your study background? Please feel free to contact us.

Interested? Next group will start in 2020, connect with us on LinkedIn to be among the first applicants.

Data Science Traineeship

Keshava Ragavendra

Data Scientist

It has been a great trip so far at Matrixian and I look forward to achieving even bigger things with this company in the coming years.

Dennis Dickmann

Data Scientist

What I like about Matrixian Group is that your opinion matters. This translates into responsibility again, but that works very motivating for me.

Your traineeship in three steps

Data Science Traineeship


  • You sign up and send us your CV, including a distinctive letter of motivation
  • If we see potential, you will receive an invitation from a Matrixian recruiter
  • If that goes well, there will be a second meeting in which we talk more about technique
  • If that also goes well, then there is one more thing to do: Signing your contract
Data Science Traineeship


  • You follow an intensive training programme (maximum 8 weeks)
Data Science Traineeship


  • Together with your Talent Development Manager, you look for a suitable assignment and client
  • Then you meet with that company to find out whether this is the right job for you
  • Green light? Then you work with the client four days a week and one day with us for additional training
  • After twelve months, you complete your traineeship with a reflection report, which you discuss with the client
  • Then you receive our Data Science certificate and your future awaits you!

Why sign up?

A Data Science Traineeship via Matrixian Group offers you many advantages. During the process itself, but also during the rest of your career. In addition to technical knowledge, you also acquire the indispensable ‘softer’ competences that make you a more complete data scientist. You learn a lot about the specific properties of data in different sectors, and how business processes work. 

In short: you develop a strong ‘business sense’ that is broadly applicable and makes you desirable. You will notice this when, for instance, one of our clients immediately makes you a great offer after your traineeship. And a career at Matrixian Group could also be a possibility. But we’ll see about that later. In any case: your registration is a fun, educational and smart investment in your future!

Your opportunities listed

  • Learn and earn; you receive a salary from the very start of your training programme.
  • A useful sprint between study and work; experience that you cannot obtain without this shortcut.
  • A kick-start for your career; in one year, at least two good companies on your resume.
  • A knowledge base to plunder; free access to previous Data Science cases and assignments.
  • Head start; you are always aware of the latest data trends and developments before everyone else.
  • Get the most out of a year; great assignments for fun clients in interesting sectors.
  • Work hard in an open culture; good team spirit and fun activities, such as drinks and events.

Company culture

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