Data sets

Put data to work for your organisation

Matrixian Group actively connects each location globally, we connect with billions of addresses and millions of properties, companies, households and places across the globe, who share their interests, life events and economic activities. We integrate collected data with enterprise systems, public sources and other emerging data sources for a full and holistic perspective. Ground your decisions in rich, relevant, timely and accurate data pulled from a variety of available sources and then integrated for superior analytics and insights. Both strategy and operational management are increasingly data driven. We collect and integrate the data required to generate timely, high quality analytics and insights.

Data sets overview

Location data

It all starts with the right location!

For every organization it is important to have correct address details of customers, suppliers and their assets. Matrixian has a location database in which every address in the globe can be found. From more than 1.8 billion addresses we provide detailed information about the geo coordinates, the surrounded area and region.

Real estate data

Make more informed investment decisions

Matrixian Group has a huge database of property characteristics such as architectural details, house value and detailed location information. Are you looking for information to enrich your own database with specific characteristics? Or are you looking for data for market research or a data stream that you can integrate into your company software? Ask our data team for the possibilities.

Consumer household data

Understanding consumer need?

Our socio- demographic data comes from online and offline sources. Most of it is collected from networking sites and (local) governments and has been vetted by Matrixian Group for accuracy. We aggregate and normalize anonymous identity characteristics and pinpoint unique consumer characteristics including demographic and lifestyle segments. Our consumer data covers every household in Europe.

Company and POI data

Targeting the right companies?

Matrixian Group provides detailed information of organizations, foundations, government agencies and associations (over 3 million in the Netherlands alone and 60 million in Europe). Made up of 90 characteristics including 20 unique. For example, you can select a company by industry, number of employees, region, decision maker, company size, revenue class, economically active or mail-order sensitivity.

Logistics & traffic data

Optimizing mobility for people and goods

We help organizations with our logistical and traffic data to organize processes more efficiently, reduce CO2 emissions and are an important element to enable autonomous transport. With the Matrixian Mobility platform we collect  the Data Top 15 in the Netherlands and information in Europe on restrictions, environmental zones, parking places, traffic signs and window times.

Weather Data

Current weather and forecast

How much rain fell over the weekend? What was the temperature over the last few weeks? Tables of daily weather observations can answer these common questions.
Matrixian provides access to data on weather, climate and seismology like real time weather observations. Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code or geo coordinates.

A world built on data & technology


196 Countries mapped

+ 500

More than 500 million properties, companies and households in our databases


24 terabytes of data collected yearly


Over 10 years of experience

Trusted data

We guarantee the reliability of our data. Thanks to validated data governance processes in which we use data from the government, solid data partners and external public sources. We periodically perform internal and external audits on our databases and models, ensuring the highest quality and completeness. Matrixian Group produces the highest conceivable privacy and data security standards and works ISO 27.001 compliant, AVG-proof and provided with the Gold Privacy Guarantee Label.Don’t become a casualty of “garbage in, garbage out” mentality. Count on our data integrity when making key business decisions.